Most communities of faith, and the traditions they bear, have stories at the heart of their belief. In the story-filled world we currently live in, our faith stories compete with all sorts of stories — some of which enhance and strengthen faith, and some of which challenge or diminish it. We hope that this site will give you access to some of the many tools around the web that can help you to write and share your own stories.

In this section of our site we share story prompts that have helped communities begin to tell their stories, information on how to create storyboards, resources on digital tools you can use to capture your stories, and other useful resources.

  • How to win an election — through story 21 April 2017

    Here's yet another Redglass Pictures short film, this one focused on how stories fund political campaigns. It's absolutely fascinating to hear this political strategist talk about the story he told that helped get George Bush elected. This story is particularly...

  • Ken Burns on story 21 April 2017

    Here is another Redglass Pictures film, this one is Ken Burns talking about story -- and in it, he talks about how stories tell truths, and yet also manipulate.

  • George Saunders on story 21 April 2017

    Redglass Pictures is a studio that is focused on creating short, compelling films. This is one in which novelist George Saunders talks about what's involved in creating a story -- and how it brings us to truth....

  • New work in media education 25 March 2017

    Three new resources that I find particularly powerful in media education are the following:...

  • Commercials for theological reflection 22 March 2017

    I frequently invite people -- in my classes, in church settings -- to do theological reflection using commercials. Patricia O'Connell Killen long ago published a lovely book with an excellent process in it for more general theological reflection, which I...

  • Haven for Queer storytellers 30 August 2016 calls itself a "Haven for Queer Digital Storytellers and their friends and families." Using the core processes of digital storytelling this site ( advocates, RainbowFamilyTree offers dozens of stories created by individuals who seek to share both the joys...

  • A deeper story 20 August 2016

    I wish we had found this site earlier, before it went into archive mode. I love the idea of finding ways to share stories that people have crafted about their lives. It's the heart of why I think digital storytelling...

  • Stories build connection 11 June 2016

    Leaf Seligman tells a powerful story in this TEDx talk about the ways in which the stories we tell can make and break connection, can draw us beyond the "either/or" worlds too many of us inhabit....

  • Talk to me videos 29 April 2016

    I'm not always the biggest fan of either Facebook or the Huffington Post, but here's some useful advice on how to create a "talk to me" video -- remember, you don't have to post it at Facebook!

  • The Changing Story e-pub 6 January 2016

    Linda Buturian, an instructor at the University of Minnesota, has put together a lovely free e-pub that lays out a variety of assignments and ways to use digital storytelling in learning settings. It's a great resource!

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