Scholarly Resources




  • A Local Community’s Christian Missional Imagination: Accessing, Cultivating and Assessing Missional Discernment in Civil Society. Johannes Gerhardus Jacobus Swart. PhD dissertation successfully defended in 2010 at Luther Seminary, St. Paul, MN. Information available: jannieswart27 (at) gmail (dot) com
  • Digital Disciples: Reconceptualizing Adolescent Confirmation Instruction by Combining Biblical Storytelling and Digital Media. Roger McQuistion. DMin dissertation successfully defended in 2007 at United Theological School in Dayton, OH. Information available: poprkmcq (at) new (dot) rr (dot) com
  • Media Literacy in Religious Education: Engaging Popular Culture to Enhance Religious Experience. Mary E. Hess. PhD dissertation successfully defended in 1998 at Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA. Information available: mhess (at) luthersem (dot) edu
  • Storymaking: A Narrative Pedagogy for Transformative Christian Faith. Nathaniel Girard Samuel. PhD dissertation successfully defended in 2013 at Boston Colege. Available through BC’s digital archive.
  • Toward Tensegrity: Young Women, Narrative Agency and Religious Education. Claire Bischoff. PhD dissertation successfully defended in 2011 in the Graduate Division of Religion, “Person, Community and Religious Life section,” Emory University. Information available: claire (d0t) bischoff (at) gmail (dot) com