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In this part of the site we offer ideas of ways to share the stories you’ve created, along with helpful hints about copyright issues, sites that can host stories, and examples of stories other people have created to share. We invite you to share your own — either via comments on posts below, or by emailing us with longer pieces to post as complete entries.

  • Commercials for theological reflection 22 March 2017

    I frequently invite people -- in my classes, in church settings -- to do theological reflection using commercials. Patricia O'Connell Killen long ago published a lovely book with an excellent process in it for more general theological reflection, which I...

  • Haven for Queer storytellers 30 August 2016 calls itself a "Haven for Queer Digital Storytellers and their friends and families." Using the core processes of digital storytelling this site ( advocates, RainbowFamilyTree offers dozens of stories created by individuals who seek to share both the joys...

  • Biblical storytelling 16 December 2014

    Here's a useful handout with some tips for approaching biblical storytelling well with children.

  • Ideas for presentations 26 June 2014

    There are some good ideas floating around the net for how to make good presentations. I think they offer some important clues to stories, too! Here's some advice that originated with Guy Kawasaki. And here's some useful advice for using...

  • Stories and social justice 11 June 2014

    There's a great piece up at the magazine Teaching Tolerance which is entitled "Lights, Camera, Social Action!" and is all about ordinary folk creating films which highlight social justice issues.

  • Storytelling as sacrament 19 January 2013

    Although this blog post is not about digital storytelling, I think the points she is making apply equally well to digital stories. It might be that a congregation such as this could even consider recording the stories as they are...

  • God in a teen’s world 1 December 2012

    We are hoping to gather examples from all over of ways in which people are using digital storytelling in faith formation. Here is an example that comes from Cheryl Smith, who is the Eastern Region Resource Administrator in the Roman...

  • When telling a story makes it come alive again… 16 August 2012

    We are convinced that the "create/share/believe" circle is never ending, and an essential way to describe how storytelling works. You can enter the circle at any point, and go in either direction -- share/believe/create, for example, or share/create/believe, or any...

  • Where do you find God? 20 March 2012

    Here's a fun contest that's being offered by Loyola Press. As the Cyber Pilgrim notes:...

  • Simple digital stories with young kids 19 December 2011

    Caroline Cerveny, the "Cyber pilgrim," points to this nifty free site that supports adults in helping kids tell stories and share them digitally. It's called Little Bird Tales, and Caroline suggests some simple ways to use it in religious education.

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