Stories of conversion

Here’s an essay in the Christian context about using storytelling as a way to deepen faith sharing.The author, Jim Merhaut, uses moments of conversion as the foci and argues that there are five elements to such stories: Love Inspiring Witnesses Gospel Connections Holy Engagement in Community Taking Up the Mission What do you think?

TED talks about stories

The TED organization has done us a nice favor, and curated a number of TED talks which get at what it is to tell a story. We’ve posted some of these over the years here already, but check out their list: http://www.ted.com/playlists/62/how_to_tell_a_story.html

Resources for storying vocation

The Fund for Theological Education has an excellent short — and free! — resource for embodying something they label “vocation care.” The guide has within it some powerful story prompts that get at faith formation questions, as well as useful tools and background theories for engaging them well. Look at pp. 16-29 in particular.

Bethlehem Lutheran stories

Ben Cieslik, at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, has been gradually inviting people into telling their stories in the context of the community. It’s a great example of sharing individual stories contextualized in the midst of the scripture the community is studying. Here’s one of the videos, but you can find at the church’s blog.

Rules for storytelling

I’ve loved most every Pixar film ever made, which is really quite extraordinary, when you think about it. Here is a list of Pixar’s 22 rules of storytelling. Which one appeals to you?