Digital Storytelling as Faith Formation

People all over the world are beginning to experiment with the creativity and collaboration that digital tools make possible. This site is devoted to sharing how these tools can bring faith formation alive through digital storytelling. Such storytelling can be personal (telling your own story), as well as communal (telling the story of a community or group). We hope you’ll find pieces that you can use here, and that you’ll share what you are learning.

Those of us who started this site were working primarily in the Jewish and Christian communities, but we hope to make the process accessible across multiple traditions and communities.

There are many ways to use this site, including learning how to tell a story, using digital tools to enhance and share your story, learning from the scholarship in this arena, and connecting with other people who are involved. Please let us know if there are ways we can connect with what you’re doing or if there are other resources we should add to this site.