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How could we have a site focused on any form of faith formation, and not talk about believing? But how do we talk about belief on a site that seeks to be open to multiple faith traditions? Some websites solve this problem by seeking to be so generic that no one is offended. We’d like to support a different approach. We want people to speak as clearly as they can, and as specifically as they can. We hope for very particular stories. Think of a poem, which might describe an utterly unique experience but do so with language that resonates far beyond the specific moment. We hope to provide access to ideas and tools that generate engagement and conversation. Our primary value for this site is precisely that: open and respectful engagement across differences in the pursuit of faithful and faith-filled truth.

Digital storytelling is a wonderful tool to use in support of this value, because it promotes clarity and care in the telling of stories while at the same time providing a mechanism by which they can be widely shared. In this section of the website we will point to a variety of stories, and also post items that might be of theological interest.

  • Episcopal Church resources for storying faith 25 September 2019

    The Episcopal Church in the US has put together some lovely resources for storying faith. Here is their main site, which includes an introductory booklet, and a full guide.

  • How stories invite empathy 15 September 2019


  • Unleashing the power of elders’ stories 4 May 2019


  • Indigenous Storytelling 11 March 2019


  • Storying resources from a specific congregation 2 July 2018

    Here's a lovely post about the First Baptist Church of McMinnville, Oregon, and its use of storytelling to create community, remember history, and engage people beyond the sanctuary. The post includes a variety of very useful resources for doing this kind...

  • Digital stories to reform criminal justice 1 June 2018

    "I'll tell my story" is a project of the Sarah Webster Fabio Center for Social Justice. Formerly incarcerated persons tell their stories through the creation of digital stories using the CDS methodology.

  • Photovoice and justice 16 August 2017

    Photovoice is both a practice and a research methodology, and it is energizing and empowering to see the ways various people are using this medium to nurture justice:...

  • Photography as spiritual practice 16 August 2017

    Sr. Liz Thoman, long time advocate of media education, spoke with me often about her joy in doing photography as a spiritual practice. It is lovely to see that Eileen Crowley has extended this idea and developed a website to...

  • Storytelling as ministry 16 August 2017

    Dr. Eileen Crowley, professor at the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, has created a lovely website on "storytelling as ministry" in which she shares pragmatic resources and lovely examples.

  • Stories of grace in renewing church life 16 August 2017

    The McGrath Institute for Church Life at the University of Notre Dame has a regular podcast featuring "stories of grace" which are often quirky and interesting stories fro specific contexts which are aimed at "nourishing Catholic imagination." It's fun to...

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